Wait, we’re leaving already?

RY Aurora Weeks 4 & 5 Recap

It’s been mentioned frequently to us both prior to arrival and over the past few weeks, but time moves at a very strange pace on Remote Year. The pace of life has shifted and now seems to move at lightning speed, while the moments within each day seem to move very slowly. It’s a very interesting phenomenon.

Because we travel to a new city every month, it’s easy to chunk time into distinct pieces. However, time is linear, thus making it challenging to grasp how it just seems to disappear right in front of your face. This is exactly how I’m feeling about Remote Year as we’re already transitioning from month 1 in Buenos Aires to month 2 in Córdoba, Argentina. This year is already flying by.

Week 4 was filled with lots of “last chance to do _____” in BA. I went on an amazing walking tour of the street art around the Palermo neighborhood and learned more about the history of the murals that are seemingly everywhere in this city. Our crew discovered a bar whose entry is a replica of a NYC subway station where we enjoyed New York themed drinks. I ate for the last time at my two favorite food spots, Chori and Burger Joint. And we had an awesome farewell party followed by a group transition day to our next city, Córdoba!

One of the highlights of our last week in BA was an event with world-famous muralist, Martín Ron. He taught us about some of the techniques he uses to paint large scale murals on multi-story buildings and how he got his start as a muralist. He participates in many public art programs and is frequently commissioned to paint works representing the people and culture of the neighborhoods in BA. He’s an incredibly talented artist and I’m so grateful we were able to meet him and do a mini-mural under his guidance.

We transitioned to Córdoba, Argentina on January 27 and have been settling into life in central Argentina. Being the middle of summer here right now, Córdoba is HOT…and I have no air conditioning in my apartment, unfortunately. Mid-90 degree temps on most days make for a very sweaty introduction to the city. However, I’ve been enjoying exploring this smaller, more friendly city. Wish me luck trying to stay cool!


Looking forward to seeing Khalid at Lollapalooza in Chile next month:


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