The good, the bad, and the ugly.

We’re about six weeks into our year abroad (1/8 of the year already!) and reality has finally hit. For me and many others I’ve spoken to in our program, the past week has been the hardest so far. For some, it’s being away from home longer than they’ve ever been. For others, it’s work related stress. And for others, it’s adapting to living in another country for the first time. For me personally, it’s all of the above.

All the things that were a novelty the first few weeks in Argentina are now starting to feel like normal life, in both a good and bad way. I’m feeling more comfortable speaking my broken Spanish to everyone I come in contact with. I’ve settled into a good routine of work, exercise and eating pretty healthy. And I’m *somewhat* managing my FOMO with all the Remote Year activities that are going on. However, for some reason this week has felt the most unsettling.

As the group dynamic continues to shake out and I feel more comfortable being open and vulnerable with my 50 new friends/family, I know I will continue to grow and adapt in unimaginable ways. But, for every high, there will always be a few lows to navigate through.

As I write this post at 5am (because sleep doesn’t exist anymore, ha), I’m thinking about the close friendships I’ve made here already and even the ones that have just started to form. I hope to be as kind, compassionate and accepting of others as they all have been to me thus far. But I also hope to not be so hard on myself as I work to manage the high expectations and standards that I always set. Nobody is perfect and trying to achieve that goal is completely futile. Please help hold me accountable for this.

My intention with this blog is to not just show the exciting and adventure-filled life we will lead over the next year. I also wanted to be open and share some of the struggles that myself and others will be facing throughout the program.

Thanks for reading and as our program leader, Seamus, would say…



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